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SAVE MONEY! Purchase the start up sugaring kit containing everything you need to start sugaring yourself. Kit contains 16oz tub of sugar paste, 50 PDI wipes, 8oz antiseptic spray, powder, sterilized sticks, exfoliating glove and instructions. Start up kit only $ 59.95 CAD.

Sugar Smooth body sugar paste 16oz tubs of sugar are sold for retail use. Perfect for those wanting to sugar themselves or friends. A 16oz tub of sugar will last 3 to 4 months making it easy and affordable. Comes with instructions. Sugar Smooth 16oz tub $ 29.95 CAD.

Wholesale prices are available for business wishing to carry Sugar Smooth products. E-mail for a price list.  
PDI antiseptic wipes are used to clean the skin before sugaring to remove any traces of dirt therefore reducing the possibility of infection. Whenever you remove hair by the root you are opening up the pours so you want the skin clean. PDI Antiseptic Wipes package of 50 only $ 9.95 CAD.

After sugaring it is vey important to seal the open pours with an antiseptic spray to reduce the risk of infection.The antiseptic spray comes in a 4oz container. Sugar Smooth Antiseptic Spray $ 9.95 CAD.

Powder allows the sugar paste to stick to the hair without allowing it to stick to the skin. If a client is nervous and perspiring the powder will help dry off the skin allowing the sugar to stick to the hair. Powder $ 3.95 CAD.

Individually wrapped sterilized sealed sticks for removing the sugar paste from the container. Putting your hands directly into the sugar paste and onto a client allows for cross contamination. Always use a sterilized sealed stick. Package of 50 only $ 9.95 CAD.

Always use gloves to protect your client and yourself! Package of 100 only $ 9.95 CAD.

Used on the face when sugaring eyebrows, upper lip etc. to protect the open pours and to reduce any redness. Witch Hazel solution comes in a 4oz container. Witch Hazel solution $ 6.95 CAD.

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